Authorship on research papers

Primary authorship is highly valued because it usually indicates who had the idea, who was the "main mover" in the work, or both, Kosslyn says.

If this is not clear, then what steps could you take to better define the criteria for yourself and others? More recent cases include Charles Nemeroff[37] former editor-in-chief of Neuropsychopharmacologyand the so-called Sheffield Actonel affair.

Attribution, accountability, and responsibility.

Academic authorship

National Academies specify "an author who is willing to take credit for a paper must also bear responsibility for its contents. The criteria 12 state that authorship credit should be based on 1 substantial contribution to conception and design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data; 2 drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; and 3 final approval of the version to be published, with authors meeting all of these three conditions.

There were authors listed in an appendix and authorship was assigned to a group. Authors are also commonly required to provide information about ethical aspects of research, particularly where research involves human or animal participants or use of biological material.

Thus, all authors share responsibility for assuring that the studies and findings have been represented truthfully.

Deciding the order of authors on a paper

Waite says that deciding who will be the last author can be "a delicate issue. Every publication coming out of CDF uses the entire standard author list, in alphabetical order. Producing papers is often a criterion for obtaining tenure in other university settings.

Therefore, all individuals who meet the first criterion should have the opportunity to participate in the review, drafting, and final approval of the manuscript.

Another account describes the frustration of physicists working in nuclear weapons programs at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory — years after making a discovery they would read of the same phenomenon being "discovered" by a physicist unaware of the original, secret discovery of the phenomenon.

What are the criteria? They also assured me that when I become the senior student, I will travel more and appear as the first author on all the group papers.

Can simply performing the data collection ever be enough to justify authorship? Additional Considerations Authorship might be justified by significant contributions to the ideas that preceded the work, design of the study, execution of the study, data analysis, or drafting of the manuscript.

Definition[ edit ] Guidelines for assigning authorship vary between institutions and disciplines. The truth content of such statements is usually not checked by independent persons.For example, heading a laboratory, research program, section, or department where the research takes place does not, by itself, warrant co-authorship of a scholarly paper.

A Question of Authorship I am a graduate student at Bigtime State University. For the past 2 years, I have been working on my thesis research in a lab with five other grad students and our mutual. In particular types of research, including particle physics, genome sequencing and clinical trials, a paper's author list can run into the hundreds.

Authorship of research papers: ethical and professional issues for short‐term researchers

Inthe Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) adopted a (at that time) highly unorthodox policy for assigning authorship. The COPE Report 34 named author,e.g.‘Smith et shown that’.The first named author is therefore generally held to have made the greatest contribution to the research.

Problems in academic authorship.

Conventions of Scientific Authorship

The authorship of research papers is associated with a range of problems, not least the ethical questions about the use of explicit, transparent criteria for authorship and issues of inappropriately assigned authorship. 2 Authorship credit has been traditionally determined by departmental politics, whereby those with.

Jan 16,  · Criteria for authorship have been discussed at length, because of the inflationary increase in the number of authors on papers submitted to biomedical journals and the practice of “gift” authorship [3,4], The situation in our area of research—the ecological and environmental sciences—has changed in recent years.


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Authorship on research papers
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