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This was the case of Fr. Ignatius was elected as Superior General by unanimous vote, as was the Belgian Charles de Novelle in As it was intended thereafter to adapt doctrine and government within the Society of Jesus to the modern world, so was it also with other religious Congregations, in spite of the betrayal of the by-laws of their Founders which this entailed.

December 20, The Latin language is an important example.

It has brought the expression of the Faith and of Catholic worship to the ends of the world. These personalities, with their own theories, were supported by Fr. Jesuitism endured another trial among their ranks at the time of Pius IX, when their members confronted the pest of the Modernist mentality.

Karl Rahner was a celebrity for his sarcastic criticism of the Papacy and Roman authority, in reference to what the Church had defined as basic and obligatory, which for him was optional and questionable.

Up till then, in order to be a voting member it was required to be a professed Jesuit—i. It all renders the well-known Society one of the most imposing phenomena in religious history.

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The master stroke of Blue paper Modernist Reformation has been to impose, in obedience to the directives given by Vatican II, the interpretations Hermeneutic of Continuity of the reforms inflicted upon religious congregations.

From their foundation the Jesuits were remarkable for their speculative theology and for their missionary zeal throughout the whole world—leading in education, and battling to oppose the Liberal State with the splendor of doctrine and creativity.

Even after its forty-one years of suppression from tothey put their original rules in accord with the Roman element back into action. In this perspective, one can read in the Formula of the Institute as follows: But when the reforms were carried out under the guidance of the Second Vatican Council, the Jesuits were behind lethal changes which transformed the ranks of the professional Roman clergy.

It was a simple matter to place men of like mind in charge of the organs of communication and authority within their Association. Nevertheless, the Jesuits had a very important role to play, not only in the development of the definition of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception inbut also during the First Vatican Council in with the pronunciation of the Dogma concerning the Infallibility of the Roman Pontiff.

An American Christian Perspective. Certainly, the leadership of the Order had slowly implemented those novelties in the name of the Council. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Arthur McGovern, a sociopolitical scientist, well known for his book Marxism: Let us read some words from Archbishop Lefebvre: It was defended by many of them, who were trying to reach the truth, they said! He curiously suffered a stroke on August 7th,three months after the assassination attempt perpetrated against John Paul II on May 13th: This occupation of Rome by the Masons permitted infiltration of the Church by Modernism and the destruction of Catholic Rome by Modernist clergy and Popes who hasten to destroy every vestige of Romanitas….Buy Royal Blue Paper Plates, 16ct: Plates - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases/5().

Welcome to the website of Fr. Gerardo Zendejas. For some years, Father has been the author of a newsletter entitled The Blue Paper, a publication which has been enjoyed heretofore by only a limited, however, he has determined to publish future issues in the form of a blog, which we present to you here.

State of Maine New “Blue Paper” The goals of today’s webinar are: A. To ensure that the September version is being used. B. To clarify that the information requires answers to the questions (i.e., what symptoms show.

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Apr 05,  · Best Answer: The term “blue paper” is a currently seldom used phrase that is slowly catching on around the world. First used in Germany, the term is used as a means of distinguishing between policy and procedure papers (white papers) and those papers outlining only technical specifications and Status: Resolved.

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Blue paper
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