Bovine waste methane science fair

Do all the above. For the advanced student, with permission: Light, to simulate the burning of LFG. Secure the balloon at the mouth of the soda bottle with a couple strips of heavy duty, clear shipping tape.

In addition, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of included a 2-year extension through December 31, of the production tax credit for renewable energy, including waste-to-energy and landfill gas combustion.

Make sure the Bovine waste methane science fair is mashed fairly well, as shown here. If you need to tilt one bottle, you should tilt all of the other bottles.

Preparing Cow Manure Bottles Put on a pair of disposable gloves. How is it similar to, and dissimilar to, natural gas? You could try increasing the amount of manure you use.

Turn the valve of the canister to allow the flow of gas. Inemissions from wastewater treatment at pulp and paper manufacturing facilities accounted for 47 percent 5 MMTCO2e of total emissions from industrial wastewater, and emissions from meat and poultry packing facilities accounted for another 41 percent 4 MMTCO2e.

I used straight horse manure on my first run and it produced gas. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Total methane emissions from industrial processes declined by a net 0.

Manure that is a few days old may still work, but for best results use manure that is as fresh as possible. When you are putting the balloon on the mouth of the bottle it is very important that you hold the balloon so that it is completely uninflated.

From Trash to Gas: Biomass Energy

As it builds inside the landfill, it becomes potentially explosive. When you measure the balloons, take a look at the bottles too. If you do this, make sure you increase the amount by the same amount for every condition, and that you increase the amount of vegetable peels and mashed banana by the same amount as well.

If you try to fill the bottles to the very top, it can be easy to overflow them. There, the garbage decomposes into gas and leachate. Repeat steps until all soda bottles have been filled and topped with balloons. Be sure to only use a balloon that you have made sure has no small holes that air might leak out of.

My collector is a polyethylene milk bag taken from a cafeteria-type dispenser. When it leaks into the atmosphere, it becomes a noxious greenhouse gas.

Garbage Gas

Landfill gas-collection power plants harvest the methane gas from landfills, then burn it to generate electricity. You may want to use a disposable plastic spoon to help you scoop the manure.

U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

You may notice a large amount of biomass floating at the top of some bottles every day during your experiment. If this happens, you should make a note in your lab notebook and carefully tilt the bottle by about 45 degrees so that it is momentarily horizontal to dislodge the biomass.

Troubleshooting Do not worry if not all of your balloons become inflated. Test the gas by holding an ignited match at the tip of the burner and opening its clamp. It may take up to about a week before you can visibly see some of the balloons inflating.

Similarly, large decreases during in production of pig iron, coke, and sinter associated with iron and steel production caused methane emissions from this industrial source to drop by Measure out 40 grams g of fresh cow manure in to the cup on the scale.

Connect one side of the tube to the Bunsen burner. Research Questions How is it generated in a landfill? If none of your balloons become inflated, here are some factors you can try changing for better results: Would it work better driving a steam powerplant?

You can see his actual experiment on www. This causes the release of various substances, including gases such as methane. Enteric fermentation food digestion in ruminant animals also produces methane emissions, and digestion by cattle accounts for 96 percent of U.

Make sure that the entire opening of the balloon is completely sealed around the mouth of the bottle. The rapid growth in methane recovery from landfills during the s can be traced in part to the Federal Section 29 tax credit for alternative energy sources, which provided a subsidy of approximately 1 cent per kilowatthour for electricity generated from landfill gas before June What component of the cow manure do you think accounts for the differences?Technique for measuring methane gas from cattle Date: March 1, waste management and animal husbandry.

The release of methane into the atmosphere by cattle and. Methane contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, but some dietary practices reduce methane production, including ionophores, fats, high quality forages, and increased grain.

and municipal solid waste combustion. In the United States infuel combustion decreasing mainly due to decreasing populations of both beef and dairy cattle.

Can human waste be processed in a digester? methane here is Robert C. McMahon's modest experiment in methane gas production. his high school science project on maximizing methane. Bovine Waste Methane Science Fair Essay Introduction: Dependence of Methane Production on Ambient Temperature in Bovine Waste The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of temperature in bovine waste on the amount of methane evolved.

Transcript of Science Fair Project Introduction Although the smell of manure from cows and other ruminants can be strong and unpleasant, the waste is a rich source of energy that can be used to run the is not the only waste that is a rich source of energy.

Apr 14,  · The purpose of this science fair project is to simulate how landfills generate gases that can be used to create energy. Garbage Gas.

Science Project. Garbage Gas (26 ratings) by Gene B. Williams. Type. Physical Science. Grade. 6+ particularly methane, that can be used to generate energy. Simultaneously, demonstrate how potentially /5(25).

Bovine waste methane science fair
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