Case study on selling concept of marketing

This concept is being taught in every marketing class across the world, thereby students are expected to know of it. Cross-Sell Process The cross-sell process is outlined step by step in the following figure. The product on the vertical axis usually refers to the first relationship of the customer with the bank.

They would know the code used, but were unable to explain this simple concept. Every other day when you visit a supermarket, restaurant to purchase something, this concept comes into live action.

The grid is created based on a unique customer identification key. The impact of bundling can be powerful. These encompass triggers, segmentation, regression models and optimization.

The following figure for a mobile service provider in Europe shows that subscribers opting for a 4-play bundle 4 services have a quarter of the churn rate as compared to 1-play subscribers.

Targeting is based on differentiated profiles using segmentation and effective data usage of loyalty program, demographics and lifestyle attributes.

In order to explain the end to end process, we have also provided a case study in the second half of the article.

Clearly this segment is an untapped opportunity. Cross-sell Offer Strategy Bundling the sale of products or services together as a combined offering using demand for the primary product to sell the secondary product. The success of a cross-sell program depends on enablers such as organizational commitment; well-defined business strategy; effective execution; regular monitoring; and effective targeting strategy.

In our experience spawning several decades of setting up and training teams, we have conducted hundreds of interviews. Here is an example below. Varying strategies tailored to different segment level profiles constitute an integral component of a customer centric approach to cross-selling.

The long term strength of Amazon is its ability to recognize customers one-on-one and effectively cross-sell across categories based on targeted recommendations. Cross-selling has proved to be a defining strategy for profitable growth across multiple sectors.

A good example of this is life-stage marketing, i. So, here we are discussing our version of this popular and important Cross-Sell story!

We can conclude that this specific cross-sell program is a successful one. You plan to purchase a mobile phone worth Rs.

Well, the answer to this is very obvious. However, a bigger push for unsecured and secured loans is required as the penetration of these loans among credit card customers is relatively low. You plan to purchase a mobile phone within a price range of Rs.

Marketing Analytics: Essentials of Cross-Selling and Upselling (with a case study)

The models provide answers to the following questions What — choice of product. Cross-selling is a core component of a customer centric relationship strategy and requires an integrated view of the customer.

Cross-sell is a core strategy for revenue growth for Wells Fargo, which has the highest cross-sell ratio in the industry at 6 products per household.

Cross Selling offers benefit to both the ends of marketing cycle i. Cross-sell grid for identification of opportunities A cross-sell grid is a mapping of products held by customers and which is segmented by product group.

For the Firm Differentiates from competition, enhances market position Promotes diversification and innovation Stimulates universe expansion and entry into new markets Balances growth between new and existing customers, low and high margin products and segments Enhance customer profitability Discourages customer attrition, improves customer loyalty For the Customer Broadens choices of product and services Offers convenience through one-stop shopping, flexibility, consolidated bill and others Increases customer satisfaction Encourages better customer service from relationship marketing Bain, a top global consulting firm was given a project to increase the number of cross-selling relationships among existing customers and to increase spend of each customer targeted for a leading Bank.

Step 1, 4 and 5 will be elaborated upon subsequently. Segmentation based cross-sell and product diversification is the key enabler for Tesco to reach top supermarket status in Britain. This combined product or offer is at a discount so that it is more attractive to buy the bundle than products standalone.

It normally leads to higher engagement and longer life cycle of the cusotmer. For example — Selling a combo meal for McDonalds is a good example of bundled sale.The selling concept essentially mirrors the thought that consumers will not purchase enough of the company’s products unless large-scale promotional and selling efforts are carried out by it.

Selling concept is one of the ideologies in marketing like production concept, product concept, holistic concept etc. Case Studies: Most Recent. Access thousands of our most recent online marketing resources here.

Select any of the popular topics below to narrow your search. The Selling Concept proposes that customers, be individual or organizations will not buy enough of the organization's products unless they are persuaded to do so through selling effort.

So organizations should undertake selling and promotion of their products for marketing success. case study - update Amazon's business strategy, revenue model and culture of metrics: a history I've used Amazon as a case study in my books for nearly 20 years now since I.

This case reminds me of a challenge that Entertainment One faced a few years ago when we produced a show called Skins for MTV. It was based on a popular UK show of the same name that portrayed teenagers in real-life.

2. Design a customer-driven marketing strategy with the goal of getting 3. Construct a marketing program that actually delivers superior value 4.

Building profitable customer relationships and creating customer delight.

Selling Concept

5. Reap rewards of strong customer relationships by capturing value from customers.

Case study on selling concept of marketing
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