Chengal wood

The great care involves proper maintain and taking precautions on the practices that can lead to its spoilage. Conclusion Chengal decking is great for outdoor areas.

Every member of the home should be informed about these precautions including children. Many do not like the lengthy deep holes they have to deal with when they step out onto their outdoor balconies. Very attention to detail and great customer service.

The wood may also be oiled with a finishing agent such as linseed or tung oil. Due to the scarcity of Chengal wood and its high demand some unscrupulous suppliers out rightly exploit consumers.

While it is true that mature Chengal wood has a very long lifespan under outdoor conditions, young Chengal wood do not offer the same benefit. Unlike composite decking, should our client wish to change the colour of the decking in future, the solid wood decking can be sanded and varnished again with the new desired varnish.

They offered free onsite quote and the vinyl flooring consultant came and gave us a quotation. Downloaded on 14 June This demands for some research on your side. For proper maintenance you need to inform the children at home on the risk of placing heavy items on the deck. These are relevant people who can advice you accordingly concerning Chengal wood decking repair.

They even send me some vouchers to do my curtains and lightings. Avoiding too much weight on the Chengal wood decking Too much weight can lead to the breakage of your deck.

Solid Wood Decking

Compared to other wood materials, Chengal seems to stand out hence preferred by most Singaporeans. Ensure that it absorbs water well, so that the deck dries well after cleaning. But it shrinks more than Teak and the deck will therefore develop more leaks and due to its hardness a Chengal deck will be relatively slippery, developing a marble like surface.

Good maintenance is always good for you to achieve the long life of your property which will positively reflect on the value of your money that you spend in having the deck. It is therefore important that you have structures designed for heavy items.

Having the Changel wood decking cleaned properly. Also conduct regular check up on the condition of your deck. Generally you should only use water and detergent. Wood decking gives aesthetic as well as financial value.

Pros And Cons On Chengal Decking

Detergents used should also be mild. Chengal may be varnished but does not necessarily need a "finish". Chengal wood decking like any other structure in a home can assure you great service in case you take great care of it. There is nothing as elegant and stunning as a Chengal deck that surrounds your garden, holds your balconies and graces your patios.

How To Maintain Chengal Wood Decking in Singapore?

Other important decisions to make before settling for chengal decking include the quality as well as the advantages and disadvantages of chengal wood.

Planing is known to be easy and a smooth finish is easily achieved Boring is not hard Turning is easy as well and a smooth finish is achieved Nailing is very difficult and mostly a hole has to be predrilled to receive a nail Defects[ edit ] Small pin-holes, caused by ambrosia beetles boring into the living trees, are a common and characteristic defect of Chengal.

You need to check the condition of the deck regularly and plan for repairs in case you notice any weaknesses in the structure. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, do not hesitate to engage a professional. In addition, young Chengal wood also contains a lot of sapwood which is obviously not that durable.

Younger Chengal has a few characteristics that would not be deemed desirable: Treated specimen of the same size and test conditions lasted about 19 years. They do not know where to get them, how much they go for and what it takes to keep them in good condition. It becomes more crucial if you have kids.

Decks made from Chengal wood appear sturdy and elegant because of the strength of this particular wood. Chengal wood decks will rarely need regular replacements as long as they are properly cared for. As such, it is better that you spend more and get quality chengal wood that will meet your needs.

Plus, the high content of natural sugars in young Chengal wood contribute to bacteria growth, accelerating the rotting and decaying process of natural wood.Chengal Wood Decking – Benefits & Alternatives Outdoor Timber Decking One of the most sought-after solid hardwood in Malaysia and other tropical countries, Chengal is a well-loved wood for the installation of outdoor decking.

Neobalanocarpus is a monotypic genus of plants in the family Dipterocarpaceae. The single species, Neobalanocarpus heimii, is a tropical hardwood tree.

Common names for the tree and its wood products include chengal, chan ta khien, chi-ngamat, takian chan, and takian chantamaeo. After installation, the wood deck will be sanded and varnished with a wood water-based varnish. Most Chengal decking is stained in walnut or dark walnut colour and most.

Chengal Wood Description as wood building about the pros and cons of using mi-centre.coml Wrot's width,thickness and length. Mature chengal wood is actually more expensive than young chengal.

However considering the drawbacks of using young chengal, mature chengal is the best. As such, it is better that you spend more and get quality chengal wood that will meet your needs.

Chengal definition is - the hard heavy durable wood of a large Malayan tree (Balanocarpus heimii). the hard heavy durable wood of a large Malayan tree (Balanocarpus heimii); the tree that produces chengal and from which a.

Chengal wood
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