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The garden is divided into some sections. This involves removing the weeds, removing dead leaves around the plants and watering the garden often. Some sections are meant for flower plants; some sections are meant for fruit trees; some sections are meant for greens; some sections are meant for vegetables; some sections are meant for medicinal herbs.

Gardening is my favorite hobby. Surrounded by the beds of flowers is a smaller lawn with soft velvety green grass. When I sit in my smaller garden a great pleasure.

They also manure the gardens. Each bed is surrounded by an earthen elevation. Article shared by Introduction: The grapes, guavas and pomegranates of my garden are very sweet and juicy. Almost all the Indians have vegetable gardens close to their houses.

It involves preparing the soil, planting vegetables or flowers and paying attention to the garden.

People get fresh vegetables and fresh greens from their gardens. It brings me close to Nature and I feel lost like Wordsworth in the beauty of blooms and blossoms around me.

People raise different kinds of vegetables in different season. It helps me in many ways. So, their health remains well. When the plants bear blossoms, I feel a thrill of joy in my mind and take pride in my creative labor.

They also find pleasure in beholding their own creation. A garden is also beneficial, as it provides people with flowers and vegetables. The first step in gardening is the preparation of the soil. While working in the garden not only do I spend my time in a better way but also improve my health as thus I spend my time in better way but also improve my health as thus I take exercise unwillingly.

If you are planning a vegetable garden, prepare hedges for different vegetables you hope to plant; however flowers do not need hedges. Gardening is very helpful, no doubt.

Many people make gardening their hobby and it is also a good form of exercise. The garden in front of my house is small, no doubt, but even then I am proud of it because it is the result of my own hard labor. They keep the garden neat and clean.

Essay on Garden

I have grown fruit fetes along the fringes of the grass lawn. School too, have their own gardens for their students to work in. So, every family should raise a garden close to the house.

So, their money is saved. There are smaller beds of flowers in which I grow seasonal flowers.

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In the evening we sit in this lawn and talk chat and discuss several things. They work, generally in morning and evening.

There is a well at the middle of the garden. They also follow the process of germinating and transplanting.This quote reminds me of my favorite restaurant which is called Olive Garden. It is a set of restaurants which you can find in the USA. We will write a custom essay sample on My Favorite Restaurant specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now My favorite dish in Olive Garden is pasta Carbonara. The best pasta type for this. Essay on “My favourite Hobby “Gardening”” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My favourite Hobby “Gardening” The small garden in front of my house is the result of my favorite hobby, gardening.

Creating a flower garden can be a wonderful way to let the creative side of your personality come through. Different types of flowers mimic human personality traits/5(3).

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Evaluation Essay: The Olive Garden My favorite restaurant to dine at is the Olive Garden. The Olive Garden restaurant is a well known corporate chain of restaurants that offers a wide variety of Italian dishes.

The Olive Garden is a mid-priced, causal restaurant specializing in Italian food. Essay on Garden. Article shared by. Introduction: There are many kinds of garden, such as flower-garden, fruit-garden, vegetable garden, botanical garden and the garden of medicinal herbs.

Almost all the Indians have vegetable gardens close to their are known as kitchen gardens. School too, have their own gardens for their students.

Essay on favorite garden
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