Gari production business plan

This has always been regarded as one family business that do not intend to source for external investors. The demand for the product is extremely high in Nigeria such that economic researchers and analysts have continued to drag and argue that Garri sells faster than sachet water and recharge cards.

Delivery of the machines shall be 8 weeks from the payment of the 80 percent and the clearing of the cheque. However, we are determined not to see this as a business, as we intend to expand as soon as we have begun making profit and are stable enough. Civil works for the mounting of the machines and electrical connections will be the responsibility of the client.

Gari and Cassava production – A small business that can change your life!

The projections are also based on the fact that all factors that were considered during the analysis remain constant — such as the economy, lack of strong substitutes, and the arrival of no major competitors. The company is seeking funding of N 3,3 million naira for immediate cultivation of the land, building and purchase of Cassava stems and other assets necessary for their Cassava cultivation and garri processing operation.

Do you need a sample garri production business proposal template that attract funding? Completed Conducting Feasibility Gari production business plan The white coloured Garri is believed to be a major cause of different forms of eye problems and defects like myopia, hypermetropia, glaucoma ans others.

But notwithstanding all these, Garri is still a very popular and favourite food for many people as the adverse effects rarely affects people.

It will reverse the trend of migration to the city and make the youths interested in garri production. Four tons of cassava tubers produce one ton of gari. How To Start Importing Things From China You may not have to concern yourself over that because you can still make it big producing and selling it locally and even contact those exporting it to be buying from you if are sure of enough quantities and best processed products.

Gari that is not properly processed especially by manual methodsmay not last long in storage due to its high moisture water content. This quotation is valid for 90 days from the date of submission after which the price may change.

The client will provide the central gear switch of about amps, motor starters and gear switches. I appreciate your views a lot! Garri retailers will even flood your plant on daily basis to buy from you.

Processed forms of cassava, especially gari or garrifufu and tapioca, are very common throughout West Africa. Also, in addition to our products, we offer training and consultancy services for small scale start-ups. It has universal applications. They are therefore encouraged to participate in the installation and commissioning.

However, there are strict guidelines concerning food exported to these countries.

2018 Cassava Farming & Garri Processing / Production Business Plan

Identify the best processing and marketing technologies and good practices for both raw and processed cassava roots within and beyond the region, and to adapt them to local conditions, 3.

I am not quite sure if the Europeans as well as the inhabitants of other continents like Asia, South America, North America and Antarctica consume this particular food item.

About 15 percent of our populations are diabetic and the number is increasing rapidly because of our eating habits. The projected Profit and Loss for Year 2 and Year 3 for Emmanuel Farms reflects the company operating at the expected full capacity.


Thailand does the largest global business in cassava because it is not part of their food security. It is then granulated, roasted and finally milled again in the hammer mill to reduce it to the appropriate particle size.

We therefore after having carried out various feasibility studies, have seen that our location is favorably suited to increase our sales.

This means that microbial contamination and infestations will not easily affect it. N9, Third Fiscal Year-: Our technicians will install and test-run the plant. Nigeriais embarking on massive expansion of cassava through the Composite Flour Initiative to attain 40 percent Cassava Flour inclusion in all bread.

The threat facing our business will be from having a strong competitor operating same products from around the same location. Another important thing to keep in mind is that cassava is a perishable item and if left for a long time it may get spoiled and that would affect gari production business plan end product; because of that, always have the time frame in mind whenever you are placing order for a fresh supply or going to the market to buy yourself.

However, due to growth and expansion plans, we intend sourcing for capital from just two sources. Most states that produce cassava also produce plantain. N5, Second Fiscal Year-:The total cost of a modern gari production factory is between 5 - 15million depending on the capacity of gari to be produced scale to medium scale and to large scale production Feasibility study and business plan only needed for when money wants to be borrowed from bank or investor but also needed to know how your business.

THE SETTING UP OF A GARRI PROCESSING PLANT | A FEASIBILITY STUDY AND BUSINESS PLAN This is a sample Garri processing plant business plan and feasibility study to guide you before you startup the business or possible expansion.

The sample guide is not complete, it is just a preliminary for the business. The proposed production unit. PROPOSAL ON MODERN GARI PROCESSING PLANT. Some of them are Improved Gari Production Plants, Cottage Industries, and Entrepreneurship etc.

Thailand does the largest global business in cassava because it is not part of their food security. They export over $20 billion worth of cassava products annually. Nigeria has tried to expand the. GARI: THE FOOD OF THE PEOPLE; PRODUCTION OF CASSAVA CHIPS; YOUTHS UNEMPLOYMENT: CONSEQUENCES, IMPLICATIONS AND THE WAY FORWARD MORDEN GARRI PROCESSING PLANT OF 2TONS/ DAY.

1. mi-centre.comnddoes the largest global business in cassava because it is not part of their food security. They export over $20 billion worth of.

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Gari production business plan
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