History 115 appendix a clash of cultures

Intended to eliminate the saloon and the drunkard from American society, Prohibition created thousands of illegal drinking places called "speakeasies," made intoxication fashionable, and created a new form of criminal activity — the transportation of illegal liquor, or "bootlegging. The transportation of illegal liquor is called what?

Another example of a powerful clash of cultures — one with far greater national consequences — was Prohibition. Bryan wrangled an appointment as special prosecutor, then foolishly allowed Darrow to call him as a hostile witness.

Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and many other writers dramatized their alienation from America by spending much of the decade in Paris. Like the "Lost Generation," its writers, such as the poets Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen, rejected middle-class values and conventional literary forms, even as they addressed the realities of African-American experience.

Fundamentalism and Prohibition were aspects of a larger reaction to a modernist social and intellectual revolution most visible in changing manners and morals that caused the decade to be called the Jazz Age, the Roaring Twenties, or the era of "flaming youth.

Mass prosperity enabled an open and hedonistic life style for the young middle classes.

William Jennings Bryan 2. Scott Fitzgerald captured the energy, turmoil, and disillusion of the decade in such works as The Beautiful and the Damned and The Great Gatsby The 18th Amendment would be repealed in When the Depression hit, it seemed increasingly irrelevant.

Inafter almost a century of agitation, the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was enacted, prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages. Mencken, an elitist and admirer of Nietzsche, bluntly called democratic man a boob and characterized the American middle class as the "booboisie.

Scopes, nearly forgotten in the fuss, was convicted, but his fine was reversed on a technicality. Fundamentalist preachers such as Billy Sunday provided an outlet for many who yearned for a return to a simpler past. The case became a national spectacle, drawing intense news coverage.

Free Printable American History Reading with Questions for Grades - American History Readings Some Americans expressed their discontent with the character of modern life in the s by focusing on family and religion, as an increasingly urban, secular society came into conflict with older rural traditions.

Bryan died shortly after the trial ended. Urban sophisticates ridiculed fundamentalism, but it continued to be a powerful force in rural, small-town America.

In the s, bills to prohibit the teaching of evolution began appearing in Midwestern and Southern state legislatures.Appendix A HIS/ Version 3 1 Associate Level Material Appendix A Clash of Cultures Complete the grid by describing the characteristics listed in %(30).

Appendix A Clash of Cultures Class of Cultures HIS/ As countries searched for new ways to create wealth and power they soon set off across the sea to the New World. This world was full of riches and freedoms that many Europeans longed to have, but many struggled to afford. Clash of the Cultures Clash of Cultures Complete the grid.

Search Results for 'hist clash of cultures' a Clash Of Cultures his_r3_appendix_a_clash_of_cultures Associate Level Material Appendix A Clash of Cultures Complete the grid by describing the characteristics listed in the left.

 Clash of Cultures: Pilgrims and Native Americans in Massachusetts Karina Yanez HIS/ October 23, Sarah Farenick Pilgrims and Native Americans in Massachusetts \In September of some people,mostly seeking religious freedom from the church of England set sail seeking the colony of Virginia.

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History 115 appendix a clash of cultures
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