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The thesis guidelines are below Find a mentor. English Students will choose five courses of at least three credits each. Honors thesis cornell kerr join the honors program? Rainy Day Rainy Day is an undergraduate publication sponsored by Cornell University which strives to publish the best poetry and fiction from colleges and universities across the country.

Those wishing to take four creative writing courses should minor in Creative Writing. Students begin two-quarter sequence in fall quarter. A fifth course that may be a creative writing course or another literature course at the or higher level Minor: This restriction applies to study abroad even when that study is conducted under Cornell auspices.

Courses Explore Department of English Courses here. The Cornell Abroad office has information on a variety of programs at universities around the world. Students are also taught how to turn their theses into brief presentations for both specialized and broader audiences. ENGL or If you would like to subscribe to the listserv please email Jessie McCraryand she will add you to the group.

Many English majors pursuing such studies go to the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries, but some choose non-English speaking locations.

Activities The Cornell Literary Society Organized by and for English majors and enthusiasts, the society plans events each semester to inspire interest in the major. Also, it serves as a platform to share student accomplishments and network with fellow researchers.

We highly reommend that students enroll in the one-unit senior seminar course, ANTH during Spring quarter, to explore the program and finalize faculty mentor matches.

Students seeking to be candidates in the Honors Program should discuss their plans with the Director of the Honors Program in English before leaving campus.

Dissertations and theses may be available as printed loose-leaf or bound manuscripts, on microfilm, or digitized usually in PDF full-text online.

Undergraduate Program

Study Abroad As an English major, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for study abroad, which are available through the Cornell Abroad Program and the College of Arts and Sciences Abroad Program. These must be at theor level.

Honors Thesis

Creative Writing Students must take five courses of at least three credits each. In addtion, it contains some resources for finding theses at other universities worldwide, including those subscribed to by the Cornell University Library.

Honors thesis cornell kerr Literary Society is comprised of English enthusiasts of all different areas — from English majors with concentrations spanning literary theory, creative writing, medieval literature and British literature to English minors and students of other disciplines.

Additionally students are highly encouraged to enroll in the senior seminar ANTH Anthropological Research 1 unit in the Spring quarter of their junior year to further explore the honors program and opportunities in the department.

Students can enroll in a recommended not required third quarter of the Honors Thesis program ANTH C to become Ambassadors of Anthropology participate in community outreach presentations to promote Anthropologyand to prepare a presentation of their thesis findings at the annual Anthropology Honors Thesis Presentations and Awards event.

The honors thesis project provides an opportunity for students to develop a topic or project and demonstrate the results of scholarship and research in an appropriate format. During the fall quarter of your junior year or beforeidentify faculty member s with related research interests take a course, set up a meeting, explore research opportunities.

Different types require different search strategies. Membership is open to ALL undergraduates.The Honors Program in Biological Sciences is designed to offer advanced training in laboratory and field research through the performance of an original research project under the direct guidance of a member of the Cornell faculty.

Honors candidates learn first hand how to be professional scientists including first authoring a thesis manuscript. Using the All Fields search, enter "honors thesis" and cornell. The Rare and Manuscripts Collection holds copies of undergraduate theses in special collections: Dept.

of History senior honors theses, [under Michael Kammen's direction only]. Cornell Higher Education Research Institute gpa at the end of the spring term are eligible to request candidacy for Graduation with Honors and to propose Honors Thesis Research. Proposals.

Undergraduate Study

The Honors Thesis proposal should be a full statement of the topic, the scope of the study, the methodology, and the materials to be used in the research. What is an honors thesis? A thesis requires substantial independent research and study under the direction of a professor in the scholar’s major department.

The honors thesis project provides an opportunity for students to develop a topic or project and demonstrate the results of scholarship and research in an appropriate format.

Thesis. In addition to writing the thesis, honors students must maintain a average in their history courses, take HIST [email protected] Undergraduate Coordinator: Judy Yonkin McGraw Hall [email protected] Become a History Major. Apply to A&S. Work on the honors thesis places students in an intellectual community, and the experience may well carry on into future work and into other intellectual communities beyond Cornell.

Many graduate school applicants submit part of their honors thesis as a sample of their critical, scholarly work and of their future promise as scholars.

Honors thesis cornell kerr
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