Iem regulation and professional conduct

Developers, contractors and consultant engineers must try to understand the responsibilities and obligations of one another respectively in order to minimise unnecessary conflicts from occurring. You should at least include below points: Introduction IEM regulations of professional conduct are written rules and principles for members to conduct themselves in ethical and morale manner when discharging their duties and carrying their works.

The traditional university restricted itself mainly to a close circle of professors and students from the upper strata of society and lived in relative isolation. In this respect, they could perhaps create shared objectives or goals that mutually meet the critical requirements of all parties in order to avoid any unnecessary conflicts from occurring.

Therefore, engineers should hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public. Specific evidence is required in the areas of: If it is noticed that there is uncomfortable signs about the tunnel access and its underground structures, the stop work is inarguably the best option to uphold safety of the workers.

Stop work at early stage when problems are identified, rather than waiting until serious damage take place, could maintain good corporate image and make the business sustainable.

The computer sciences are often tailored to the specific needs of the engineering curriculum, and they will probably find that proficiency in this area will be very helpful to the rest of their studies. Telephone directories and other directories An entry in the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory is permissible but the entry must not be given special prominence by the use of a boldface type, large spacing, logo or special layout.

An engineer must not attempt to supplant another engineer, to try to intervene in any work for which another Engineer has already been engaged. In the following section of this essay, I would like to discuss the necessary measures that an engineer could adopt to prevent corruption and unethical practices of cutting corners in order to safeguard the good image of the engineering profession in the country.

Signboards on work sites A sign board with the name and address of the Engineering firm or of individual Engineer may be put up at the work site. Perhaps the most important measure to minimise conflict is to put yourself into other people shoes. With limited resources, e. For construction and manufacturing industries, which often involve the use of heavy machine and equipment, Factories and Machinery Act is the law to govern the safe use of machine during work and after installation for tenant use.

Competency Competence is the ability to carry out a task to an effective standard. As an engineer, he does not speak and make public statement without ensuring his qualification and undertake jobs that are out of his area of expertise and competence.

It is inexpensive, saves time, allows a lot of people to be well-informed of the services provided. The Code, therefore, is not a list of rules to govern every problem of conduct, nor is it a broad statement of ideals.

As for contractors, they are also cost-conscious but their main interest is to complete the project fast within the allocated timeframe in order for them to claim construction fees in soonest possible time. Engineers shall perform services only in the areas of their competence. IEM has similar mechanism to suspend membership of default members.

A strong professional sense is of undoubted benefit to the profession concerned in terms of morale and vocational satisfaction. All the three parties would have to instil a relatively high awareness in themselves on the other parties responsibilities and interests.

In my revision of the engineering curriculum, a fair share of mathematics classes will be at a higher priority. This shift has changed the very nature of engineering as it is practiced today and as it must be taught in engineering degree programs. Besides, engineers would have to take into consideration the cost implication of their design solution to their clients.

In addition, it is responsibility of all humans to not polluting the environment, not initiating irresponsible actions that will jeopardize others and own good health and safety. Advertisement of change of address One advertisement in the press is permitted, which should contain the necessary details of change of address without details of experience, work specialisation or similar self-promoting material.

Students are more into computers communication rather than physically see the lecturers. It is therefore essential that the members of the engineering profession should always perform their duties to the highest standards of professional integrity.CODE OF ETHICS/REGULATIONS Malaysia IEM Training Centre Sdn.

Bhd. OVERVIEW This programme is specially designed in respect to the Code of Ethics in which engineers have to oblige. This is to ensure that the Engineering Professionalism in our country is enhanced and as Effective 1st Januaryonly Professional Development Programme (PDP).

The IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct tend to be general because IEM from FKEKK BENU at Technical University of Malaysia, Melaka%(1). Open Document. Below is an essay on "Iem Regulation on Professional Conduct" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

IEM Doc - Question Part B - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. In light of the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct, how do you advise your employer so that you may complete your assignment with integrity.

2. You are assigned by your employer to prospect an area for an extractable mineral(s)/5(3).

Professional Engineer

Mar 05,  · IEM PI Section B-Question 6 IEM Professional Interview According to IEM regulation on professional conduct, members shall ensure that his works and products constitute no danger, cause no health issues and no damage to the environment.

When there is conflict of interest between his own and others especially the community, his. IEM offers a full range of management, organizational, and business improvement professional services that agencies need to deliver solutions that work cost effectively to improve mission performance and to enhance quality of service to clients.

Iem regulation and professional conduct
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