Trends now shaping the future of

Pot products that do not get customers completely stoned out their minds are increasingly being asked for, according to budtenders across the nation. It turns out that this claim was not a joke.

Not to mention, traditional media outlets are now comfortable reporting on the evolution of cannabis. Cowen predicts that as more states move into the legal market, binge drinking will continue to plummet. They are simply using the Canadian market to perfect their brands.

Many of them are just waiting for cannabis to be legalized at the national level before going full throttle. Cannabis firms are expected to get onboard with innovations that take the guesswork and labor out of growing weed.

New cannabis publications and websites are spreading. Analysts say this is because cannabis keeps getting more popular and beer sales are on the decline. Guided by the money, federal lawmakers will eventually see how getting into bed with the pot lobby might help further their personal agendas.

Considering that higher learning actually has more to do with capitalizing on cannabis these days than actual consumption, cannabis education is on its way to becoming its own specialized sector.

6 Cannabis Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Pot

In addition, the average consumer will soon have more information regarding cannabis wellness at their disposal. But the foul narrative surrounding the cannabis plant is destined to mature. Some colleges, like the University of California, Irvine, for example, are now offering full semester courses on cannabis and the business that surrounds it.

This low-dose fashion will inevitably become more widespread as people look for new ways to make marijuana consumption a part of their social activities. In the years to come, the cannabis trade is only going to become more of a contender — stealing away profits, creating new jobs and revitalizing broken economies.

This advancement in precision agriculture does it all: Here are six cannabis industry trends to watch unfold. Some will also come to realize that the nation is currently missing an opportunity to collect loads of tax dollars.

Even vegetable growers in some parts of the world are converting parts of their operations to grow marijuana. Most entrepreneurs in this cutthroat arena of buzzed commerce fully understand that if they fall asleep on the job, even if only for a second, the legal marijuana movement is going to swoop away and leave them in the dust.

Sure, most educators are not about to start encouraging marijuana consumption anytime soon, nor are they likely to amend their curriculum without the approval of the federal government. There is just so much happening right now within the cannabis sector, and so many cannabis industry trends to consider, that it can be difficult to make predictions about the future of the industry.

The news comes just weeks after the federal government said that the nation was locked into one of the most dangerous bouts of binge drinking in American history.

Consumers are reportedly maximizing the benefits of cannabis by consuming low-dose products that allow them to stay elevated, yet functional throughout the day. There is no doubt that these companies will find a way to eventually bring their cannabis concepts to the United States.

Congress will soon have no choice but to give the issue of nationwide legalization some serious consideration. In Maine, one radio station has even dedicated an entire show to marijuana.

In some legal jurisdictions, these products, which typically consist of no more than 5 milligrams of THC per dose, are sales leaders. Colorado experienced an 83 percent increase in cannabis products dedicated to the microdoser in These smart farms will use advanced tracking and data analytics technology to monitor the multiple variables necessary to bring plants to life.5 Trends Shaping The Future Of Media And Entertainment.

by Giselle Abramovich. Senior & Strategic Editor. July and social networks are now competing over both conventional sports and e-sports rights, the report points out.

Additionally, TV companies, telecoms, tech companies, OTT operators, and movie studios are competing to. We've picked 15 of SAP's "99 Facts On The Future Of Business" to give you a taste of where we are and where we're headed.

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Forecasting International (FI) has conducted an ongoing study of the forces changing our world for almost half a century. In this report. Apr 18,  · Trending Now BrandVoice ADP Capital One here are five trends I see shaping the future of marketing.

tapping into the trends above is a must for marketers and brands to win. 6 Cannabis Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Pot. Cannabis industry trends aren’t always easy to pin down in the fast-changing climate of legalized cannabis.

These six trends, however, are supported by a preponderance of evidence, which makes them likely to play out in the future. There is just so much happening right now within the.

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Trends now shaping the future of
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